Moving closer. To serve you better.

We have just moved to a new location. Once the renovations are complete, we'll be open for business again!

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Easier than ever. Credit cards and E-Transfer accepted.

To further facilitate transfers, we are now accepting Visa, Mastercard and E-Transfer transactions to buy and sell Bitcoin, under certain conditions. Call us and setup a meeting, you'll be amazed by how easy it can be!

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Buy Bitcoin


Buy BTC, at the current price of $ CAD for 1 BTC
Your total is $ CAD, including the 4% transaction fee, and the BTC ($ CAD) Bitcoin fee.

sell Bitcoin


Sell BTC, at the current price of $ CAD for 1 BTC
Your total is $ CAD, including the 4% transaction fee.
Note : You will need to pay the small ( BTC) Bitcoin fee.

Unmatched Privacy. It's our moto.

At K-town BTC we thrive on the privacy of our clients. This is why K-Town BTC allows high profile investors to execute transactions large or small without scrutiny and speculation of the markets. K-Town BTC will provide anonymity to investors and their transactions so as to not draw any attention to their trades. Any and all transactions will remain non public and confidential. This is the true meaning of Bitcoin.

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More Secure than Anything Else. Yes, even banks.

Because we rely on the Bitcoin Network to validate transactions, every exchange we make are verified by thousands of highly-effective ASIC machines, proving that each parties has its funds, and securing the deposits at the same time.
· No more overdraft fees.
· No more bouncing checks.
More parties for you 🎉🎉🎉.

Best Location. See for yourself.

Please note that we are moving to a new location and will be closed for the time being.
Being at the heart of the Kahnawake Reserve means two things :
· Only 10mins from Downton Montréal. In fact, we are rigth on the 132, between the Mercier Bridge and Saint-Catherine, neighbooring "The Joint".
· Much smaller fees! Because we have no taxes to pay, so we won't charge them to you.
More parties for you 🎉🎉🎉.

Splendid interior. Hang out with us.

We have everything to get you comfortable while we process payments. From watching the market charts laid back in a leather chair, to having a good coffe on a cold winter day, we are here to accomodate you.

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